PA Diversity Network contributed
to a panel on GLBT rights
at WYOU News in Wilkes Barre

Click on this link to see a video segment of the show,
or scroll down to see pictures of the show production.

PDN Exec. Director Liz Bradbury and PDN Board President Dr. Patricia Sullivan on the set of
WYOU New's Interactive Panel on GLBT issues on May 17th, 2007.


Panel with News Anchor Eric Scheiner on the 1 1/2 hour call-in show.

Liz Bradbury Dr. Patricia Sullivan
of PA Diversity Network spoke on GLBT Issues including same-sex marriage, civil union,
the civil rights bill in Harrisburg, hate crimes legislation, and responded to questions and
and comments from people calling in to the show.

Stacey Sobel, Executive Director of Equality Advocates contributed
information and commentary on a variety of GLBT issues on the phone from Philadelphia.

Rev. Daniel Gunn of (pro-GLBT) St. Stephen's Episcopal Church spoke about spiritual issues
and the historial aspects of marriage and civil rights.


Of the 5 people who called in to the show 4 callers were pro- GLBT positive. The other caller
suggested that people would marry their pets. Panelist Liz Bradbury pointed out that denying her and her
partner of 19 years, Patricia Sullivan marriage equality based on the off topic, obtuse arguement that
people might want to marry their pets, is a clear illustration that there is really no good reason to deny
same-sex couples these equal rights.