PA Diversity Network
Art & Craft Show 2007


Artists In PDN’s 2007 Holiday Art Show included:
If you are interested in being part of next years show contact PDN

PDN is proud to present a special showing of the extraordinary and very affordable signed prints and other examples of work by nationally known lesbian artist Elizabeth Patterson, whose work was recently featured in an in-depth article in the Advocate Magazine. Don’t miss your chance to own an example of one of these beautiful colored pencil images of underwater light, color, shadow and nude figures. Unfortunately Elizabeth Patterson will not be at the show opening.

Roy Bachert specializes in unique & functional hand thrown stoneware pottery. His work includes bowls, vases, oil lamps, hand carved candle votive, larger serving pieces and the Original Bachert Burning Stone & Wick. Krisann Bachert adds whimsical carvings and etchings to many of Roy’s pots. Roy is a member of Artisan Touch, the Valley’s only artist’s co-op.

Carole Rinkunas of 'Bobbles and Beads, is also a member of the Artisan Touch. She exhibits her work in a variety of area art and craft shows, and will be featuring earrings, necklaces and other fine handmade jewelry pieces.

Liz Bradbury has participated in art & craft shows all over the US. She will be exhibiting a series of handcolored and altered erotic vintage and original prints for those who laud the aesthetic qualities of women’s (and men's) bodies.

Denise McGlynn brings to the show her wood pulp pottery, knit/crochet hats, scarves, bags and necklaces with pendant stones. Denise has been featured in many local community and college craft shows.

Kathleen Kapila brings wonderful her soaps and body lotions made with natural ingredients and herbs. She also features handmade hats and scarves.

Karl Howard nationally known wire artist, will be presenting a new line of wearable wire art pieces.

Jonathan Kraus of the Bleeding Hearts Club, offers his personally designed PROGRESSIVE, ACERBIC, WHIMSICAL, POLITICAL T-SHIRTS & POSTERS made from green, sustainable materials and produced at fair market shops.

Evelyn Deutsch of E jewelry creations will be featuring her jewelry with unique accents of semi-precious stones, hand blown glass, and sterling silver chain maille.

A "communal" booth with a variety of work from many other local artists and crafts people will also be part of the show. If you have work you feel may be suitable for this booth, please contact PDN. Don't miss the wonderful ceramic vessel donated to PDN by
Rafael Canizares.

Please remember that some artists do not take credit cards.

For more information call the PA Diversity Network office: 610-432-5449 or email: