Women's 5k Classic
Representing LBT and straight allied women of the Greater Lehigh Valley and Berks County
Front Row: Tracy Denton, Ruth Marcom, Kathy Heckler, Maureen Scally, Capt. Anne Huey, Kim Snyder, Danielle's friend walking for Lenora Johnson, Ruth Wieand, Danielle Holland. Second Row: Brenda Welsh, Terri Amlong, Sue Sneeringer. Third Row: Liz Bradbury, Laura Gutierrez, Barb Baus, Kate Goodrich Gwyn Parker. Fourth Row: Linda Mich, Sherri Bassner walking for Chris Boes, Donna Cruciani, Renae Bennett, Sue Vollmer.
Not in this shot: Melinda Kohn, Barb Hoffman (see team picture below)


Race results:

5k run

Maureen Scally: chip- 28min.46sec, pace- 9.17minutes per mile, division 7th of 108, 50-54 (Go Girl !!!!!!!)

Competitive Walk

Anne Huey: chip- 43min.25sec, pace- 14.01 minutes per mile, division 20th of 128, 55-50
Laura Gutierrez: chip- 43min.58sec, pace- 14.11, division 29th of 171, 40-44
Brenda Welsh: chip- 44.58, pace- 14.31, 46.53, division 74th of 130, 45-49
Tracy Denton: chip- 45.00, pace- 14.31, 46.53, division -- of ---, 40-44

Kate Goodrich: chip- 45min.27sec, pace- 14.40, division 20th of 84, 30-34
Terri Amlong: chip- 45min.26sec, pace- 14.40, division 41th of 130, 40-44
Liz Bradbury: chip- 48min.24sec, pace- 15.37, division 91th of 190, 50-54
Melinda Kohn: chip- 52min.38sec, pace- 16.59, division 38th of 59, 60-64

Walk in the Park

Sue Vollmer: chip- 52.min.27sec, pace- 16.56 minutes per mile
Linda Mich: chip- 55.min.06sec, pace- 17.47
Barb Baus: chip- 57.min.05 sec, pace- 18.25
Kathy Heckler: chip- 1hr 00.min.34sec, pace- 19.33
Gwyn Parker: chip- 1hr 11.min.18sec, pace- 23.00
"Lenora Johnson's walker": chip- 1hr 11.min.48sec, pace- 23.10
Danielle Holland: chip- 1hr 11.min.47sec, pace- 23.10
Roseann Wieand: chip- 1hr 11.min.47sec, pace- 23.10
Donna Cruciani: chip- 1hr 13.min.22sec, pace- 23.40
Ruth Marcon: chip- 1hr 13.min.24sec, pace- 23.41
Sue Sneeringer: chip- 1hr 16.min.36sec, pace- 23.43
"Chris Boes's walker": chip- 1hr 16.min.35sec, pace- 24.43
Marilyn Roberts: chip- 1hr 16.min.40sec, pace- 24.44
Kim Snyder: chip- 1hr 17.min.35sec, pace- 25.02
Renae Bennett: chip- 1hr 17.min.36sec, pace- 25.02 (stopping to take pictures)

Some team member's results were not available.

Click here to go to the official Women's 5k Classic web site
for all race results and times.

Thanks PA Diversity Network Team for a great day!
PDNTeam3 5Ksnapshot
Center front row in team picture: Melinda Kohn. Far right front row, Barb Hoffman.
LBTA Community Women
The PA Diversity Team wants participants for next year for the walk or run.
You don't have to walk fast, we just want you to be part of our Team and this wonderful event.
Let us know if you are interested by emailing info@padiversity.org

Above photos by Donna Cruciani all other photos by Liz Bradbury